Monday, August 29, 2011

How long has it been?

Over a month? O.O

Could that be because I have done absolutely nothing for the last ... ... For a long time?

Let's all have a flashback together from my May 14 entry ...

Thursday afternoon (May 12), after a long day at work, Pam decided to drag me to the beach for some relaxation.  Since I've rediscovered photography as a creative outlet for my stress (or at least for a fraction of my stress) I decided to take a few pictures while we were there.  Next thing I knew I was jumping amongst the rocks trying to get the perfect shot.

Yep ... that was stupid.  But in actuality my knee was feeling pretty good at the time.  Even when I jumped off the off the rocks it didn't hurt much more than it has recently.  Unfortunately the combination of rock jumping, walking across the sand and trying to outrun the incoming tide made my knee worse by that evening ... and then the next morning my left knee was a bit stiff and sore, but not to the degree that my right knee ever was.

Since my 13.1 mile walk my right knee has been getting better, or at least not bothering me as much ... but then again I haven't been doing anything.  Unfortunately my left knee has been getting progressively worse.  I finally couldn't take it any more, so back to the doctor I went.

The doctor's initial diagnosis (and I know many of you don't understand medical lingo, but ...), "You have something funky going on with that knee.

I went for an x-ray ... it was negative.

I went for an MRI ... I got the results today.

The first 5 minutes of the appointment were spent talking about his trip to Alaska, a picture of a Kodiak Bear he took a picture of, the Aurora Borealis and other interesting topics ... The last minute was spent getting referred to an orthopedist for a torn meniscus and a torn MCL O.O  I didn't see that coming.  I expected cartilage damage , but not ligament damage.

This means there is a high likelihood that my feeble half marathon was completed with chondromalacia in my right knee, a torn meniscus and medial collateral ligament in my left knee and the seldom mentioned Morgagni hernia on the right side.  I'm sure I could think of other issues I had during the event, like the hangnail on my pinky finger or the untrimmed nose hairs that made it difficult to concentrate or something else serious like that.

I'm old and I'm falling to piece's.  :-(

If I get my knee taken care of early enough I can still get into running shape for the 2012 San Diego marathon ... It's a stretch, but I need a goal

The good news I've taken about 11,267 pictures over the last couple of months, so even if I have nothing to talk about I can always post a lot of pics