Monday, April 25, 2011

So does this mean I'm a runner?

So it's been a week and my knee still hurts ... shit!

I can walk without discomfort, but even walking for an extended period I feel like something in  my knee is rubbing.  Standing up, sitting down, going up stairs or up a hill and going down stairs or down a hill cause pain :-(

I went to the doctor today and he either told me to get a condo in Malaysia or that I had chondromalacia.  I remember hearing the term from David on the old site and had a basic idea of what it was.  The doctor gave a really good explanation and filled in the blanks in my memory ... then he told me I should be icing it ... shit, I hate icing ... then he told me no running for at least a week, but I'm supposed to keep walking.

I looked up chondromalacia when I got home to fill my head with more useless information and on a couple of sites they call it "Runner's Knee."  So does this mean I'm a runner?


  1. Here's what I found while Googling (this should cheer you up): "Chondromalacia is interesting in that it often strikes young, otherwise healthy, athletic individuals."

    So you can consider yourself a young, healthy, athletic runner to boot.

    But seriously, isn't this one of those ailments that's traced back to tight IT bands? For me, regularly foam-rolling them (the outside of my upper legs) has been a huge help. Be warned, though. It's way worse than icing.

  2. A condo in Malaysia would be preferable to icing, but then I am the cold-natured type.