Saturday, January 22, 2011


Long? - not really ... Slow?  - most definitely

Training Stats:

Run - 10k 1:1 out & back somewhere around 90 minutes.

I've got to change the settings on my Garmin.  I realized today that when the timer hits 1 hour the seconds disappear, so keeping my eye on when my minute run (or walk) is up suddenly becomes difficult.  Today I stopped the timer 1 just over 1 hour and restarted a different run to keep the timing accurate. 

I really had a lot of good reasons to not start or complete the run - I'm tired, I have things around the house that need to be done, it's getting windy, my nose is running.  When I turned the corner and started heading to town the wind was picking up and was straight in my face ... I was tempted to quit.  After calling myself a few names and thinking about it, I realized that the wind would be at my back on the way home ... DUH!  Once I decided to keep going I felt a lot stronger - like I could actually run a little faster or maybe run 2 minute segments instead of 1 minute segments but stuck with my schedule.  The last mile was a little rough - and the last 2 run segments were really really tough because I was in the shade, going up hill and wanted to walk sooooo bad.

To my surprise the first hour I still averaged better than 15 minute miles and had a fast pace of 11 minute mile - not bad considering I was trying to keep the pace slow and the 1 to 1 ratio.  The last 30 minutes I still managed to have a 12 min mile pace, but my average time dropped quite a bit.

Non training:

Both Pam and I seem to over the intestinal issues we suffered yesterday.  I think that's part of why I felt tired, and maybe even a bit dehydrated.  We are trying to get a bit of rearranging and minor improvements type projects done.  Nothing major, but at least time consuming.

I've got to decide what I'm going to do tomorrow and when, because a chunk of my afternoon is going to be taken up by the Steelers game.


  1. good work! Yes, this is a physically trying journey ... but it is still largely mental. Our minds can talk us right back to the couch every time!

    As for Sunday. Run before the game. That way you'll rush to get back in time!

  2. Actually, I'm considering spin class followed by yoga :-)

  3. I agree with Rick, don't think about every detail of the workout (time, etc) - just decide to continue (like you did) -you're doing great! :)