Monday, January 17, 2011

Due to circumstances beyond my control ...

Today's hill run was delayed due to needing to complete my LSD that I was supposed to do yesterday because I didn't do it Saturday.

Yesterday's LSD was delayed because I had several chores around the house that I wanted to complete before my day off today.

Yesterday's chores were delayed due to a certain familiar twinge that feels a lot like the beginning of a kidney stone

Today's chores were delayed due to being very tired from not sleeping well due to the twinging.

Today's LSD was delayed due to having a work assignment that was supposed to be done ... well, let's just say it was supposed to be done.

Today's work assignment was delayed because I took a nap.


I did do some exercising, but not the training on my schedule - I basically threw an entire week away, but I cannot sweat it - I just have to move forward and do better sticking to my schedule.

Now I've got to figure out when I'll have time to fluff my toilet paper

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  1. LOL Great last line. Did you ever join the Procrastinator's group at FaithWriters. I meant to but...well, your story says it all. :)