Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So I put myself in the position of ...

... needing to come home after work, but before going to the gym ... the same trap I've fallen into the last 2 weeks.  I do the go home part pretty well but somehow mess up on the going to the gym part.  I had to do something that wouldn't allow me to just sit at the computer, so I parked my car where it was blocking the entire driveway - nobody could leave or come home unless I moved my car - kind of brilliant, but yet really sad at the same time that I have to trick myself into going back to my car.

Still, there was the moment of truth.  I grabbed my shoes (more on them later), towel, Gatorade and so forth, shuffled out to the car and started the engine ... now I had to choose ... do I put it in reverse and back up 20 feet or put it in drive and go the 5 miles to town?  Believe it or not I actually had to think about it.

So on the way to the gym I met Pam at Kmart so I could spend a few minutes before spin class and pick up a few things.  It's strange how something as simple as a hug can change your attitude for the better.  On a more random side note - buying deodorant should not be so difficult.  It seems like every time I find one I like they take it off the market.  So I'm perusing the deodorant aisle to find my latest favorite flavor ... and it's not there.  So back to awkward process of opening the containers and sniffing.  To my relief I found yet another one that didn't give me a headache or make me gag ... so I bought 46 of them.  OK, I'm exaggerating a tad.
Now I'm at the gym and I'm trying to put my shoes on - or more specifically I'm trying to undo the ratchet mechanism to open the shoe s so I can put them on and both shoes are jammed.  Now I'm sitting on the floor in the spin class frantically fighting with my shoes and I get this visual of my cats grabbing a shoe with their front paws and digging the poop out of it with their back paws ... Just to clarify - I didn't actually dig my shoes with my back paws, but I did feel the same frantic energy I picture the cats having while they do it.  Finally got the shoes undone and never did figure out why they got stuck.

Training Stats:

Spin - 2 hours.  1 hour self directed to mp3 player, 1 hour brutal butt kicking and horribly fun torture directed by my favorite spin instructor.

I'm debating about Yoga tomorrow.  I do feel a bit intimidated strictly because it is a great unknown ... and I don't like getting humiliated by a bunch of girls ;-)

Oh - as a final note.  I waited for the spin room to clear before I tried to take my shoes off just in case they jammed again.  To my relief they came off without testing my wrestling skills.  I probably would have just worn them home ... and to work tomorrow ... and ...

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  1. "Going home first" is definitely a trap! Don't fall for it! If I don't go straight from work to the gym - I never make it. Good for you, at least you did it :)