Saturday, March 26, 2011

Playing in a pile of my own goo

I can't call it Gu because that's a trademarked name ...

Training Stats:

Thu - Elliptical 30+minutes & treadmill walk (3.2 mph) 20 min.
Fri - DOR
Sat - 15k 3:1 first 4k 1:1 up 1st hill 10 min run downhill 5 min rest at 7.5k to stretch & text, 45 sec: 75 sec run up hill 2 (steeper hill) 5 min run down hill followed by 1:1 and 1:2 ratios to 14.5k.  Walk last .75k

Andrea and I managed to shave nearly 11 min off the same distance from 2 weeks ago ... I was a bit impressed with that, but I still have to improve if I'm going to finish the marathon with any level of comfort as far as time goes (I figure there's probably not a lot of physical comfort ahead for me).  Our pace is very steady and our walk breaks are actually at a faster pace now - but perhaps the most bizarre stat off the Garmin today was the fact that we actually had a segment at what they consider a fast run today and it wasn't even a downhill segment.  Of course it was only 4 feet of fast run, but still ...

I think I managed to make a homemade Gu sort of thing from raw sugar that tastes pretty good and doesn't irritate my stomach.  I'll keep trying it and if it keeps working the same I'll probably use it on the big day.

Next week is a half marathon distance on a course that is more brutal that the actual marathon.  It will be the toughest, but not the longest run of the training.  I keep flip-flopping about how prepared or ready I am going to be in June - today I felt pretty good about my effort but at the same time I know 15k is nowhere near a complete marathon.

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