Wednesday, March 30, 2011

So when does this start to feel good?

It seems to me that training in general is an inescapable trap ... a futile battle against ourselves that we will never win.  In essence it is an endless loop filled with empty promises of "just one more" or  "almost there" pushing our bodies to the brink of soreness and weariness and beyond in search of the slightest sign of improvement ... but at the first sign of improvement we feel the necessity to push that much harder to ensure that we once again feel that burn that reminds us how far from our goal we actually are.

Why do I do it??  Am I sick???

Maybe I am, because I'm beginning to like this again ... I actually look forward to most ... ok, at least some of my training times.  Tonight was no exception.  I was at the gym ready to hop on my spin bike when my phone rang ... another accident ...


Another late reported accident

Shit, shit!!

I flopped against the wall, twiddling my cell phone in my hand waiting for updates when I had an epiphany ... I was at the gym!!  I was not at the yard (no, that was not the epiphany part, but it does tie in) ... I could sit and stare at my phone just as easily while riding the bike as I could sitting on the floor next to the bike.  In fact, I could stare at the phone while listening to my music, too.  I wound up making a couple calls from the bike and handling everything but the last call while riding - by that time the class was almost full and the instructor was just starting the music, so I left the room for 43 seconds and returned in time for the official warm up.

Training Stats:

Tue:  Spin - 1 hour, slightly more than moderate effort (I'm such a slacker,but my legs were really feeling Monday's efforts on the stepper)

Wed:  Spin - 2 hours, moderate / high effort (hour 1 moderate while dealing with work - hour 2 high and very fun).  I also learned a valuable lesson ... Never tell your slightly sadistic spin instructor that you enjoy intense slower cadence driven hill type classes because she'll likely do exactly that ... and you'll wonder why you ever thought you liked it.

I must be sick ... I really, really liked it ... but when does it start to feel good??

Non training:

Well, my non training gripes seeped into my training rants ... 'nuff said.

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