Sunday, March 20, 2011

David Lapoff where is your sage wisdom when I need it most

Ironically it was on a different web page I was just looking at, but ...

Training Stats:

Tue - Spin 75 min ... maybe 80
Wed - Late afternoon nap ... and a couple of walks
Thu - A lot of hecticness, very little sleep and staying up until 2:30 in the morning (more details below)
Fri - Huge spaghetti dinner for our 24th anniversary at Dominick's Italian Restaurant
Sat - 5+k of the scheduled 15k because ...

I was so tired this morning ... I haven't been sleeping well all week anyway, but the last couple of days have been even worse.  Pam's mom was admitted to the hospital Thursday night with what is possibly a very mild heart attack (they still don't know for sure), so Pam and I spent the last couple of nights staying up late and doing the obligatory duties when somebody is in the hospital ... sitting there and staring.  And on top of that, what little sleep I've been getting has been interrupted by very bizarre dreams ...

But anyway ... Andrea and I set out despite me being tired, the impending rain, the rising wind and the fact that I still had glittery green nail polish on from St. Patrick's day ... and yes, that means fingernail polish ... and yes, it's still there :-\  So we increased our running today to 3:1 and I was doing pretty good - holding a good pace and feeling pretty good ... until the hill.

I was laboring more than usual heading up the hill.  I don't know, it's like there's some invisible force holding me back, intentionally making it more difficult.  Along the way my right calf started feeling a bit tender.  I figured it was because it was colder than usual, or maybe because of the increased running ratio so I didn't sweat it too much ... I'd just pick up on the downhill and everything would be back to normal ...


We hit the plateau and I went to run and my right calf said, "Hello!  ... I am sooo not going to run right now ..."  When my calf turned into a valley girl I have no idea ... maybe it's the nail polish ... whatever.  Anyway, my leg was really cramping  really bad.  I stopped and tried to stretch but it was just too painful so I did something I've never done in all of my training runs or rides ... I called Pam to come and pick me up - and Andrea, too - Duh! 

So ... what does all this have to do with David Lapoff?  After I got home and took some ibuprofen I googled leg cramps to see what to do.  One of the top articles on the search was written by David Lapoff ... brought back a lot of good memories.  I really miss him.  Unfortunately his article didn't say how to get rid of leg cramps, it was talking about how to prevent them ... in fact every article I've found seems to focus on how to prevent them and not what to do if you get them.  Well ... there was the one article that said many times pregnancy causes leg cramps O.O ... Really?!? ... You think, maybe ... ... It must be the nail polish!!  I'll be looking for the nail polish remover as soon as I post this.


  1. Tim, I am doing my first 5K next weekend and my legs cramping is my biggest concern. I'll avoid the glittery nail polish though and let you know how I do!

  2. Well, the good news is I seriously doubt I'm pregnant. The bad news is apparently we used a super glue based nail polish. 2 rounds of soaking and scrubbing and all the glitter still hasn't come off. Good luck on your 5k :-)