Monday, March 14, 2011

You know, I could really get used to ...

This breathing thing O.o

I guess I never realized how much or how bad I wheezed while working out ... I just dealt with it.  What's weird is I don't notice a lot of difference during the exertion, but my breathing during the recovery breaks is much easier ... Easier breathing = better and quicker recovery = able to do more = cool :-)  (I had to go back to my college algebra books to find that equation).  I need to remember to thank my doctor when I see him this week for my DMV physical.

Training Stats:

Yesterday -  :-/ ... Well ... I thought about doing several things, but wound up doing yard work and meandering around the house and not much else.  But my legs felt great after Saturday's run.

Today - 40 min stepper - 15 @ level 3, 15 @ level 2 and 10 @ level 1, followed by 20 min treadmill at a casual and relatively slow 3 mph walk.

Earlier today I did 2 sanity walks - first was 10 min slow pace, the second was 25 min moderate pace (3.3 mph I guess).

Tomorrow and Wednesday I'll be doing spin class and probably back on the treadmill Thursday ... we'll see.

I've already mapped out the half marathon run Andrea and I will be doing in a couple of weeks ... and I'm working on the last several weeks of training runs we'll be doing.  It feels like the marathon is looming right on top of me and I don't feel ready for it ... although it is 10 weeks away, that doesn't seem like much time any more.

And I am feeling a bit of trepidation.  Last tine I completed my half marathon distance and the next week I tweaked my Achilles tendon ... The timing of the training is virtually identical ... but what are the odds of it happening again??

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