Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Or Blessed Yule ... Happy Hanukkah ... Happy Kwanzaa or whatever you choose to celebrate ... or choose not to celebrate.

So I'm sitting here with Three Doors Down echoing in my ears wondering ho my life went from hectic and barely tolerable and has dropped off below the emotional poverty line and into some dark and twisted brier patch.

If I sit and think of each individual event or issue they do not seem to horribly bad by themselves, but when added to the frustrations which are already stacked up outside my door like a mental snowdrift it becomes a bit overwhelming.

Wait ... Johnny Cash - Redemption day.

Again, I will not list every little issue on my mind because nobody really wants to see all my gripes ... I will hit the two biggies right now.

1 - Pam's mom is in the hospital with pneumonia.  All things considered she is doing alright, but she has a long way to go.  As usual everyone is expecting Pam to take care of everything ... She is stressed out enough already.  She needs a break.  I hate watching her get run down because those around her are incompetent and lazy.

Eddie Vedder - Rise

2 - The realization that it is nearly January and I am not running yet is causing the awkward and painful realization that I am almost exactly where I was 1 year ago when I first started thinking about marathon training.  I don't want to be in the same position where I have to push beyond my body's capacity and cause another injury.  I will probably have to bail out from the June marathon :-(

I'm sure I will have some good news or progress to report eventually ... At least I hope so.

Muse - Supermassive Black Hole

Saturday, December 17, 2011

I've tried ...

I've tried to write this post a few times.  Either I lose my train of thought and start writing total gibberish (I know ... that never stopped me before) or something happens where I need to edit or add information ...

I'll start with my thoughts on watching the Kona Ironman on television.  I do like seeing the pros, but I really like seeing very average people and their stories.  This year had a couple that just blew my mind - A woman undergoing cancer treatment and still finishing and a double amputee who finished.

I've done a couple therapy sessions for my knee.  The first one was so simple I figured everything else would be a piece of cake.  I practiced the "exercises" at home, and they do help to a degree.

The second therapy session was a little more interesting ... The therapist told me to walk.

??? - walk ... OK.

"No.  Walk slower."

??? - slower? ... OK.

It turns out when I walk slow I have a little bit of a limp.  If I try to hold my posture and keep an even cadence it kind of hurts.  It hurts in my knee and my ankle ... probably means I've been compensating for my old ankle injury for years without ever realizing it.  Even a very short walk to a local store with my mom at a very slow pace was a bit uncomfortable when I tried to walk properly.

Oh well.

So last week I was at work and I was going to jump into the back of a bus through the emergency exit (which is something I've done probably 1,000 times over the years).  I got my legs up onto the floor level, but my right foot started to slip.  In the fraction of a second that followed I debated whether I should just flop forward, but I thoughjt I might hit my head ... or worse, my knees on the floor, so I decided to push away and try to land on my feet.  Well ... I did land on my feet ... after my right thigh slammed on the ledge of the emergency exit.  Right now it is a very pretty shade of purple and yellow and ...


OK ... what else can I gripe about?

How about ... Never mind.  I could probably go on for hours if I decided to gripe about everything.  I'll give you all an early Christmas present and stop here.