Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January wrap-up

Training stats:

(Notice the not so conspicuous lack of information)

The best way to describe my January is about 18 days of AAaauuugghh, 6 days of Blaaaaahh and another 7 days of Uuugghhhhh ... Not necessarily in that order.

Even if I had any time for training I'm not sure I would feel like it ... Even if I felt like it I'm not sure I would have been able to do much. 

It's really the same squawk ... there was no single horrible event, just multiple little to moderate annoyances that combine together in a rapid fire format that makes things seem so out of control ... Of course, I've been told that I shouldn't let things I have no control over get to me ... And to that thought I say, "If I had any control over the events I would change things and be happier ... DUH!"

I'll skip the topics of Pam's mom being in a convalescent hospital, Pam's brother being an a-hole, the plumbing at her mom's house needing work and her brother being an a-hole, the afore mentioned convalescent hospital not noticing that Pam's mom's oxygen level dropped into the 70% range and being rushed to the hospital where they discovered she has congestive heart failure, the plumbing at home backing up, the plumbing at home backing up (yes, I know I just said that, but it did happen twice) ... and did I mention that Pam's brother is being an a-hole?

Since I've skipped the first 26 days of the month I will focus the last 5 days.  Pam apparently picked up a stomach flu ... which we are pretty sure she got from the convalescent hospital, because they said it is going around there and a lot of people have gotten it ... So, Pam enjoyed all the symptoms you would expect from a stomach bug for several days.  And just when I thought I may not get to enjoy it with her, I started feeling the oh so familiar rumble ... damn.

Or maybe I should say shit ... and a lot of it. 

February is already off to a better start than January ... I've made a lot of progress toward my weight loss goal for the year ... I've made it back onto solid food ... And checking my calendar I think I actually have time for training on the 17th in the afternoon.

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