Thursday, May 26, 2011

For whatever reason I could not access my account ...

Not that I had anything to say, but ...

OK, here's the deal ...

I had the MRI, I got the results of the MRI and ... There's nothing seriously wrong with my knee.  So why does it hurt?  Is it all in my head??  No ... It's in the middle of my leg.  DUH!

There's some arthritis, my cartilage is frayed, worn out and frayed but not doing any damage to my body.

What are my options?

1 - Get my knee scoped and cleaned up a little, but it won't help with the arthritis or the inflamation
2 - Deal with the pain and keep running and eventually need a new knee
3 - Deal with the pain, do this marathon and then stop running
4 - Dislike all the options and sit at home and feel sorry for myself

But the good news is I could train and not injure myself worse .. OK, that's also the bad news.  I've missed nearly 6 weeks of training to protect my knee and I could have been training the entire time.  I'm a bit pissed about that, but whatever.  Hindsight is what it is.

So what am I planning on doing??

More than likely I will choose the half marathon option.  I can walk at 3,4 mph and finish quick enough to earn my medal.  I honestly don't know if I can do it.  My knee will do fine for quite a while then become incredibly painful quickly and sometimes for no apparent reason, but I'd rather try and fall short then not try at all.

My long term plans include a lot more cycling and swimming.  I will likely take my chances and run another marathon in the future with a more gradual training format ... we'll see.

So it doesn't get much worse than that ... right?

Well, as Pam and I were walking through the mall to get our minds off the events of the day I started having another harsh yet so familiar pain ... Yep ... You guessed it ... It feels like I'm having another kidney stone.  Crap.  I'm not going to the ER for this ... just drinking a gallon or so of water and hope it's gone by morning

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A picture story

Once there lived a great warrior who fought to protect her castle from intruders.  Many tried to invade her kingdom.  All failed.  

Most were chased away with a scar as a reminder of their failed efforts.  Some fought back and suffered a most unpleasant death.  A rare few were captured for the warrior's enjoyment and eventual presentation to the royal family.

One day the warrior captured an intruder and brought it to the castle door for presentation to her master.

Fearful of an uncertain fate the prisoner attempted to flee, but there was no escaping the keen eye of the warrior ... nor was there escape from savage wrath.     

In the blink of an eye the fierce protector sprang forward and once again subdued her captive.  The prisoner put up little resistance. 

The prince heard the victory call and came to the castle door.  He thanked the mighty warrior for her loyal service and rewarded her generously.

In an unexpected display of mercy the prince escorted the invader to the border of the kingdom and set him free.  The prisoner was grateful and vowed to patrol the outskirts of the kingdom.

Outraged by the earlier defiance and disrespect the mighty warrior chased the through the walls of the kingdom as a reminder of who is in charge of protecting the castle.

What does this have to do with training?  Absolutely nothing, but then again I have nothing to say.

My MRI is Saturday - probably too little too late, but we'll see.  My left knee does feel better so I don't think I did anything to it last week.  My right knee on the other hand is going to drive me nuts.  I can go the majority of a day with virtually no pain but I stop by Costco and while walking slowly across a level, flat, smooth surface and it starts hurting again.

I'm getting that sinking feeling ... Something is wrong, I just don't know what.  It's like the light at the end of the tunnel was shining on a dead end sign.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Just call me stupid

No, seriously ... I'm stupid.

But before I get into the details on why I would think such a thing I want to explain why I didn't do a run or a walk today ... in fact, the thought of training didn't even enter my mind ... until about a minute ago when I started typing my update.

I would explain why I didn't train, but they say a picture is worth a thousand words ...

My nephew Kyle got married today!!

OK ... Back to being stupid.

Thursday afternoon, after a long day at work, Pam decided to drag me to the beach for some relaxation.  Since I've rediscovered photography as a creative outlet for my stress (or at least for a fraction of my stress) I decided to take a few pictures while we were there.  Next thing I knew I was jumping amongst the rocks trying to get the perfect shot.

Yep ... that was stupid.  But in actuality my knee was feeling pretty good at the time.  Even when I jumped off the off the rocks it didn't hurt much more than it has recently.  Unfortunately the combination of rock jumping, walking across the sand and trying to outrun the incoming tide made my knee worse by that evening ... and then the next morning my left knee was a bit stiff and sore, but not to the degree that my right knee ever was.

The way I figure it is this might just be a good thing.  Since I'm already getting an MRI, and as far as I know they won't split me in half to get just the right knee, if there is an issue they'll discover it when they look at the MRI.  That may be stupid logic, but it is the best I can do at the time.

I can still walk, even walk fast for extended periods.  I can run short distances before my knee starts to hurt, but I can't possibly know that because I've been given orders not to run at all.  I am going to finish this marathon and earn my finishers medal and my beer no matter what.

By the way ... If I never post to this blog again it is because Pam has hung me upside-down and tortured me.  It seems her recollection of why we went to the beach may be a tad bit different than the version I posted here.

Oh, I almost forgot!  I saw the first hummingbird hanging around the hummingbird feeder when we got home this evening!!  Hopefully soon I'll be posting pics of the little things ... That is if Pam doesn't read this and take her revenge, that is.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well ... I know what it isn't

My knee x-ray was good - no problems with the bones in the area.  I kind-a figured that I didn't fracture anything, but we have to rule things out to figure out what it is.

The next step is an MRI.  I'd do the happy dance, but ... well ... I am a bit claustrophobic and the thought of being squeezed into a tiny tube doesn't thrill me.  And I can't dance.  Oh well.

If the last set of referrals and approvals is an example of my insurance then I should get my MRI sometime before the end of the world in 2012.


Until then I'm not supposed to run.  I can walk as much as I want and I got permission to go back to spin class so I won't lose what little progress I made over the past months, but no running.

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's time for the update

that at least I was waiting for.

Paula and Julie - Thank you for the comments.  I definitely think the description of a young, athletic person is much more accurate than the article I read ... of course the article I read said it tends to bother teenage girls.

I've done pretty good at the icing - at least twice every day if not three times.  I took the mega doses of ibuprofen.  I resisted the urge to run.  I stayed away from spin class.  And I felt so edgy and miserable it wasn't funny.

Now here's where I'm supposed to say, "My knee feel so much better.  I plan on going for a long run tomorrow."  But I can't.  There really hasn't been much of a change - at least nothing really tangible.  The doctor ordered x-rays today and I have to wait until Thursday to find out what they

I do want to know why it is that I told the x-ray techs that my knee was hurting and the first thing they did was make me twist my knee in the most awkward position ... Did they not believe me that it hurt? ... Does the x-ray see the pain? ... Oh well.

I don't plan on letting the results stop me from finishing my first marathon, it is just a matter of how much running I will be doing during the event.  The only thing that will stop me from attempting the marathon is the doctor telling me that I may cause serious damage if I try to do that distance ... Only time will tell.