Thursday, May 26, 2011

For whatever reason I could not access my account ...

Not that I had anything to say, but ...

OK, here's the deal ...

I had the MRI, I got the results of the MRI and ... There's nothing seriously wrong with my knee.  So why does it hurt?  Is it all in my head??  No ... It's in the middle of my leg.  DUH!

There's some arthritis, my cartilage is frayed, worn out and frayed but not doing any damage to my body.

What are my options?

1 - Get my knee scoped and cleaned up a little, but it won't help with the arthritis or the inflamation
2 - Deal with the pain and keep running and eventually need a new knee
3 - Deal with the pain, do this marathon and then stop running
4 - Dislike all the options and sit at home and feel sorry for myself

But the good news is I could train and not injure myself worse .. OK, that's also the bad news.  I've missed nearly 6 weeks of training to protect my knee and I could have been training the entire time.  I'm a bit pissed about that, but whatever.  Hindsight is what it is.

So what am I planning on doing??

More than likely I will choose the half marathon option.  I can walk at 3,4 mph and finish quick enough to earn my medal.  I honestly don't know if I can do it.  My knee will do fine for quite a while then become incredibly painful quickly and sometimes for no apparent reason, but I'd rather try and fall short then not try at all.

My long term plans include a lot more cycling and swimming.  I will likely take my chances and run another marathon in the future with a more gradual training format ... we'll see.

So it doesn't get much worse than that ... right?

Well, as Pam and I were walking through the mall to get our minds off the events of the day I started having another harsh yet so familiar pain ... Yep ... You guessed it ... It feels like I'm having another kidney stone.  Crap.  I'm not going to the ER for this ... just drinking a gallon or so of water and hope it's gone by morning


  1. grrrr on multiple levels! Hang in there, we'll figure something out.

    I hope you have some on hand pain meds ....

  2. Feel better! And be sure to train yourself for that long walk; it uses very different muscles!