Monday, May 2, 2011

It's time for the update

that at least I was waiting for.

Paula and Julie - Thank you for the comments.  I definitely think the description of a young, athletic person is much more accurate than the article I read ... of course the article I read said it tends to bother teenage girls.

I've done pretty good at the icing - at least twice every day if not three times.  I took the mega doses of ibuprofen.  I resisted the urge to run.  I stayed away from spin class.  And I felt so edgy and miserable it wasn't funny.

Now here's where I'm supposed to say, "My knee feel so much better.  I plan on going for a long run tomorrow."  But I can't.  There really hasn't been much of a change - at least nothing really tangible.  The doctor ordered x-rays today and I have to wait until Thursday to find out what they

I do want to know why it is that I told the x-ray techs that my knee was hurting and the first thing they did was make me twist my knee in the most awkward position ... Did they not believe me that it hurt? ... Does the x-ray see the pain? ... Oh well.

I don't plan on letting the results stop me from finishing my first marathon, it is just a matter of how much running I will be doing during the event.  The only thing that will stop me from attempting the marathon is the doctor telling me that I may cause serious damage if I try to do that distance ... Only time will tell.


  1. Sorry to hear it. Hope the X-ray reveals something useful.

  2. Hang in there. We'll just deal with things as they unfold.