Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A picture story

Once there lived a great warrior who fought to protect her castle from intruders.  Many tried to invade her kingdom.  All failed.  

Most were chased away with a scar as a reminder of their failed efforts.  Some fought back and suffered a most unpleasant death.  A rare few were captured for the warrior's enjoyment and eventual presentation to the royal family.

One day the warrior captured an intruder and brought it to the castle door for presentation to her master.

Fearful of an uncertain fate the prisoner attempted to flee, but there was no escaping the keen eye of the warrior ... nor was there escape from savage wrath.     

In the blink of an eye the fierce protector sprang forward and once again subdued her captive.  The prisoner put up little resistance. 

The prince heard the victory call and came to the castle door.  He thanked the mighty warrior for her loyal service and rewarded her generously.

In an unexpected display of mercy the prince escorted the invader to the border of the kingdom and set him free.  The prisoner was grateful and vowed to patrol the outskirts of the kingdom.

Outraged by the earlier defiance and disrespect the mighty warrior chased the through the walls of the kingdom as a reminder of who is in charge of protecting the castle.

What does this have to do with training?  Absolutely nothing, but then again I have nothing to say.

My MRI is Saturday - probably too little too late, but we'll see.  My left knee does feel better so I don't think I did anything to it last week.  My right knee on the other hand is going to drive me nuts.  I can go the majority of a day with virtually no pain but I stop by Costco and while walking slowly across a level, flat, smooth surface and it starts hurting again.

I'm getting that sinking feeling ... Something is wrong, I just don't know what.  It's like the light at the end of the tunnel was shining on a dead end sign.

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