Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well ... I know what it isn't

My knee x-ray was good - no problems with the bones in the area.  I kind-a figured that I didn't fracture anything, but we have to rule things out to figure out what it is.

The next step is an MRI.  I'd do the happy dance, but ... well ... I am a bit claustrophobic and the thought of being squeezed into a tiny tube doesn't thrill me.  And I can't dance.  Oh well.

If the last set of referrals and approvals is an example of my insurance then I should get my MRI sometime before the end of the world in 2012.


Until then I'm not supposed to run.  I can walk as much as I want and I got permission to go back to spin class so I won't lose what little progress I made over the past months, but no running.


  1. They probably won't have to put all of you into the MRI tube ... probably just your legs. I'm a bit claustrophobic myself and was able to hang in there even when they stuck the entire bottom half of me into the tube. Now, when they wanted to do an MRI on my neck one time, that was a different story ... you can request to be knocked out for that one!

    Long term health is the most important piece. We'll figure out what to do about June when we get there in a few more very short weeks!

  2. +1 on the head NOT in the machine. The thing they DON'T tell you about an MRI? LOUD!! Like jackhammer loud. Ask for earplugs!