Monday, March 28, 2011

Going green?

This may definitely be a sign of the end of the world, but I voluntarily bought leafy green vegetables and ate some for dinner after my workout.

I'm torn between lines of logic at this point.  My schedule has always been rest day on Friday, long run or ride Saturday and an easy run or ride on Sunday.  Lately I just haven't been motivated to do anything on Sunday despite the fact that my legs feel good and I'm not horribly tired.  Should I change my rest day to Sunday since I find myself resting any way?

I don't know ...

Training Stat ... (note the lack of an "S" on that)

Stepper - 50+ min.  20 level 3, 20 level 2 and 10+ level 1
Elliptical - 15 min

I keep surprising myself by pushing beyond mental barriers with relative ease - is this a good omen or is it just that I have such a low opinion of myself and my abilities that almost anything surprises me?  I mean, I know I've improved some but I never would have thought I could do something as simple as 50 minutes on the stepper - but I did it with relative ease and probably could have done a bit more - and my legs felt great - I my heart rate recovered very quickly.

Non training

Just read my previous gripes - Stress at work - Stress with some family situations - Blah, blah, blah ...

Pam's mom is starting rehab this week and seems to be doing better.  Hopefully she'll be strong enough to go home soon.  Pam is handling everything well as usual - she is incredibly strong.  I'm sure she could use a break - not from helping her mom as much as dealing with other family members that are driving her nuts.

Here is this weekend's scheduled run:

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