Saturday, March 12, 2011

I finally did it!!

I finally blew the perfect snot rocket :-)

@ Andrea - Sorry, I've only gotten good with my left nostril ... and I really thought you were on the other side of me ... and it's not like it hit you square, in fact if you weren't carrying your water bottle it might have missed you altogether ... but I never thought it would slide up the bottle so fast while you drinking out of it.

Training Stats:

It was a perfect morning for running ... Mid 60s, blue sky with wispy clouds, light breeze ... the relatively persistent drizzle was a bit annoying, but that was my nose, not the weather.

After pulling my hair into a ponytail and applying sunscreen to my arms and face I scrambled out of the bathroom looking like a Robert Palmer girl ... with a little less makeup ... and a mustache.  Andrea was already at the house waiting for me ... ironically the the fact that I got out of bed 20 minutes late and started getting ready 20 minutes late somehow made me about 20 minutes late.  Go figure.  Anyway, we left about 20 minutes late (anybody surprised by that?) and got into our run / walk.  Today was our first day at 15k, which would simply be our 12k route extended to include an additional 15.k downhill and a torturous 5k climb up the same hill which was akin to the steepest slope of the Andes.

As a side note - If I could go back in time I would convince myself to not get so out of shape in the first place ... then I go further back in time and prevent Sir Isaac Newton from inventing gravity so running hills wouldn't be so difficult.  And for what it's worth, whoever invented hills in the first place is not really high on my favorite people list right now either ... but I digress ...

Total - 16.1k including warm up or cool down 2:1 for the first 4.5k, 1:1 up the first hill, 10 minutes with a 30 second nose blowing break down the hill, 1:1 ratio starting back up the hill, 1:1:1 (1 min run: 1 min walk: 1 min incoherent muttering) until my legs couldn't take it then we walked up the rest of the hill.  Other than the 6 min run down the next hill the rest was a combination of 1:1 and 1:2 until we crossed the 14k mark then we walked home.

By far this was the best run we've had, although our pace suffered severely during the steep uphill ... and due to the fact that my lead felt like legs during the last 3k.  Although the overall pace is off the 6 hour goal for a full marathon it would have been under the 7 hour deadline ... and if I factor in the 5.5 minutes of stopped and waiting time we had due to traffic signals (4 different signals) refilling my water bottle at the drinking fountain and receiving a text message it was very encouraging ... not great, but encouraging.

Non training:

After today's run Pam and I went for pedicures ... soooo relaxing, especially when the pedicurist did the foot / leg massage.  It is an awesome reward for at least making a reasonable effort to stick with my training program.

A local sushi place reopened recently, but this probably isn't great news since they are very affordable and very, very good.  I suppose if I start doing 2-a-days I might be able to eat there more often and not regret it, but other wise I'll need to refrain from indulging too much.

Otherwise my life has been pretty boring lately, but I guess that's a good thing.

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  1. Hahaha. Well hey - a perfect snot rocket is a perfect snot rocket. What can I say? ;)