Monday, March 21, 2011

Random thoughts

Day 2 of my self imposed exile from the land of training and jog ...

The good news - My calf feels much better, just a bit of soreness in the lower part of the muscle but I am able to walk and stretch without it having a cow.  I really think it was only a cramp, but I've never had a cramp hurt that bad for that long.

The bad news - I still can't manage to get all the sparkly green nail polish off.  I knew the super glue based polish was a bad idea.  It is gone for the most part, but even after several times soaking in nail polish remover I can still see the occasional green sparkle.  Hopefully it's gone before flag day ... I don't want it to clash with my red white and blue nails ;-)

I am so tired right now.  I feel like I've been awake 72 of the last 60 hours ... and to make matters worse, I forgot to take my Ambien last night so what little sleep I didn't get was non existent at best.  I did get nearly 2 consecutive hours ... after my alarm went off and I was supposed to be heading to work.  I was going to leave work early anyway to be with Pam while her mom was having an angiogram ... Oh well.

Pam's mom is fine.  She had a stent put in to open a mostly blocked artery, but everything went well and she is resting in CCU tonight.  Tomorrow she will be returned to a regular hospital room and my schedule should be back to whatever is normal for me ... Pam, on the other hand, will still have at least a couple of weeks of helping get her mother back to some form of normal home life.  With any luck the doctor will get her mom into therapy.

Tomorrow will be about catching up on whatever work I missed - taking a long faster paced walk and maybe trying a couple short run segments.  If all goes well I'll be back in spin class Wednesday.  I need to find the balance between not pushing it too hard to get back to my routine and using this discomfort as an excuse for falling back into old habits.

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