Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stress? ... What stress?

Training Stats:

Spin class - 2 hrs.  1 hour self directed (and a bit intense) - 1 hour absolutely insane and absurdly brutal class directed by a strange mystical creature who is half peppy high school cheerleader and half medieval dungeon master.

I uploaded the info from my Garmin to my computer and found out a couple very interesting things.

1 - I apparently accidentally started my gps a couple times before or while I was driving - either that or I'm able to run at 53 mph.  Also, my heart rate actually goes down while I'm drinking espresso and chomping on a bagel - and I know this because I forgot to turn the gps off while I was visiting Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

2 - I discovered that I'm really, really slow :-(  OK - I knew that already, and that's not a bad thing in and of itself because I have time to get a little less slow.  What I did find out is that my "slow and easy" pace is right around 12 minutes / mile.  Not impressive by any standards, but better than I thought it would be because without trying I hit very close to the same pace every mile except up steeper hills.


I've been dreading today for a week or more.  I was scheduled to be on a conference call with the president of our company and a big wig from the parent company ... These are never good.  Today's topic, company reorganizing, salary increases and bonuses ... The short version of the meeting - our pay increase is about 1/4 of the amount my insurance went up 6 months ago.  Our bonus (which we've been screwed out of 2 years in a row) were not up for discussion other than there may be a discretionary bonus for those who qualify ... whatever.  And there will be downsizing and reorganization but we need to wait to here about it.  Boy, now I can breathe easy - it's truly a weight off my shoulders ... unfortunately it's still tied around my neck.

I had a follow up appointment with my optometrist.  I was a bit nervous (ok - driving Pam nuts and making myself miserable assuming something was horribly wrong).  After dilating my pupils and doing a couple tests his diagnosis was that I'm getting old ... Geee, thanks.  I do have some normal age related issues that have to be monitored, but as usual I let my imagination run away with me ... I wish I could run as well as my brain sometimes.

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  1. You sound like a typical writer..haha... Hey - don't give up!