Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Call me ...

... crazy :-/

I really hope you weren't expecting me to say "Call me Ishmael"

I must be going crazy - Last night I registered for the San Diego Rock 'n Roll Marathon.  Of course I can claim diminished mental capacity on this one because my Ambien was severely kicking in before I actually hit the submit button - I have vague memories of Pam talking me through the last couple of steps.

Not crazy enough?  I have my gym's class schedule up on another screen and I'm seriously considering going to this Thursday's yoga class.  I mean really - how difficult can it really be?  How foolish can it make me look?  How much will it make me hurt?

Oh by the way - did you notice that any training info was conspicuously missing tonight?  Well, that's because I didn't train because I spent a chunk of the afternoon at the DMV registering my car ... The only problem is it was supposed to be registered a month ago :-?

Like I said - call me crazy.


  1. Hi Bus, OK, serious advice now about yoga. It really shouldn't hurt. The idea is NOT to keep up and do everything everyone else does, but to use each pose to challenge YOURSELF, by doing the version of it that's comfortable and appropriate for you. That means you will have to modify everything, possibly spend most of your first class just sitting up and watching, and asking lots of questions afterward (unless the instructor welcomes them during, which is iffy). You will find that yoga works all sorts of "new" muscles, and you don't want to be a walking ache on Friday.

    …But do work hard enough so that you can enjoy the lying-on-the-floor pose at the end. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the advice - Pam and I are planning on talking to the Thursday yoga instructor tomorrow (if all goes well) and watching the class before jumping in with both feet

  3. Good for you in signing up for the marathon. Totally cool. Ah yes, DMVs in San Diego. I grew up in San Diego and remember the long hours spent in long lines. Yikes!