Saturday, January 29, 2011

A lesson in fueling

Training Stats:

Thursday - O.o  Ummm ... Not much ,,, nothing really (Unless lunch with Pam and a pedicure can be considered training ^_^ )

Friday - Walk / run / walk.  Almost nothing on the run end, but Friday is a rest day, but I wanted to do a little to make up for missing Thursday, so I did 30 min walk with a few short run intervals.

Saturday - LSD - 10k 1:1.

Today's run was way too rough, but I brought it on myself.  I could hear David and Richard and others from the old site uttering advice about proper fueling, but do I listen?  Nooooooo, of course not.  I decide to drink 5 shots of espresso (spread across the morning and early afternoon hours) and eat a package of ramen noodles and think I was ready to run.  I don't know if David would be laughing or shaking his head at this point, but obviously my methods didn't work.

I really miss David and his easy to follow, common sense advice.

Today I was luck enough to have Andrea (my niece) running with me.  I did warn her that I run very, very slow but she wanted to run with me anyway.  Keeping pace with her I was actually on pace to break my 10k pace from last week by nearly 5 minutes ... but I ran out of gas at 8 k or so.  Even walking the last 2k or so we still made 10k in 90 minutes - I'm impressed.  Next week I'll fuel better.  Maybe I'll eat beans and rice - and hopefully we'll have a tail wind, too.


I'm really glad this last week is finally gone.  By far not the worst week as far as any single event, but with all the stupid little stresses that built up across the week it definitely wore me out.

Thursday was kind of a spontaneous day off for stress release purposes.  I did have an appointment at 10:00, which is smack in the middle of my normal work day, but I could have gone in to work for a few hours ... well, I did go in to do one report, but it was my day to relax with Pam.  After a nice lunch Pam and I treated ourselves to pedicures - the massage felt soooo good, especially the plantar fascia massage.  They offered to paint my nails or do a cute design, but I declined ... I told them maybe next time ... I hope they don't remember that.

We both finally have our CPAP machines, but so far I'm too busy adjusting to the mask to actually feel like I'm getting better sleep.  I know it will get better as I adjust, I just have to be patient.


  1. 10k in 90 min is not bad at all! But don't get any ideas about running in flip-flops just because you want to show off your freshly pedicured feet. :)