Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nearing critical mass

No, this is not a weight loss, nor a weight gain post

Training stats:

Run / walk - 30 min. 1:1 (although I'm not positive because my Garmin dies.  Might have been 1.5 to 1)  Approx 2.25 miles (although I'm not positive because My Garmin dies).


Before I go off on this micro-rant I want to say that when I wake up in the morning I don't think things like "What's going to go wrong today?" or "How bad is work going to be?"  I have my cynical side, my sarcastic comments and definitely would not consider myself an optimist.  I try to enter every day with the concept that regardless of what happens I deal with the issue and move on.  The problem lately is that I feel like there are no breaks - no chance to catch my breath between issues.  It's hard to move forward when you're not breathing.

Today was a day that started off alright - then I left for work.  I got to work but had no bus to train in - no problem - I'll just go over practice tests with the trainees until the bus arrives.  Found out that the video from one bus that was supposed to be done Friday was not done - OK, what happened to "Call me if you can't get this done?" - Oh well, no problem.  Did you get anything copied - Did you get it sent to the school?  The answer I got truly blew my mind - "I couldn't get it transferred from the computer to the USB drive."

At this point I was looking for the hidden camera because I was sure they were joking - and again, what happened to "Call me if you can't get it done?"  Still, no problem - I'll get the video onto the USB drive and copy the other video before it gets written over ... ... But the computer that the video was transferred to, which is also the computer that the software is installed on was not in the office where I last saw it.

Where's the computer?

"Oh, we had to send it out for repair - it'll be gone for ???"

By this point I couldn't do anything but shake my head.  I called the driver into my office and after shooting down his 18 very unoriginal excuses about why things weren't done, why I wasn't notified, why he isn't or shouldn't be responsible I set the record straight in a very blunt manner.

If ever there was a day that I needed a sanity walk it was today.  If ever there was a day that I needed to treat myself to a sushi lunch it was today - so I did!  I was tempted to not do my run (again) but after a brief debate with myself I trotted out of the bus yard during the gap between the usual end of my day and the safety meeting this evening.

I'm sorry for wasting a post with trivial whining, but I barely scratched the surface of today's frustrations - and haven't even begun to mention the other ongoing issues as of late. 

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