Monday, January 31, 2011

Just checking in

So I was bored and rearranging the page layout yesterday and realized that I now have 10 followers ... Whoo-hoooo.

OK, I really have no life, and something like that really does make my day.

I don't have a lot of training stats to share.  Today was supposed to be hill day, but it was windy and after just a few minutes of warming up my nose was plugging up, it was getting hard to breathe and I was getting a massive headache ... Oh well.  I definitely need to have emergency backup plans in case weather or other factors interrupt my plans.

Today wasn't a very good day in general.  I won't depress you all with all the boring details, but it started off down and went lower.  The high point was eating lunch with Pam - and that's a very high high point ^_^  The nice thing about days like today is it means tomorrow almost has to be better.  I'll make up the missed hill run tomorrow.

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