Saturday, February 5, 2011

Showing improvement ...

Whether I deserve it or not ...

Training Stats:

Nothing major during the week :-\

Today - 10k 1:1 ... actually 9.25k 1:1 with .75 walk home.  Several 2 minute walk breaks and one extended 5 min run (it was downhill, but it was 5 min run).  Once again I need to thank Andrea for helping to set a good pace and putting up with my old age ailments.  Today my legs felt great for the entire run until the last .75k but my heart rate peaked at 170+ several times and did not want to come down ... maybe I just overheated or maybe including the steeper hill took its toll ... or maybe the fact that I forgot to take my blood pressure medicine last night have had something to do with it ... oh well.  I still did better than last week.

Non training:

My personal stress has dropped over the last couple of weeks (stressing personal stress, work stress is still up and up and up and level with a slight dip then up some more).  I had a follow up to the follow up optometrist appointment - a vision density test I think they call it.  So I've found out that my vision is actually better than it was 6 months ago - My peripheral vision and visual acuity is at least average - maybe slightly better than average except one small area in my left eye which isn't bad.  So because I did so good on the tests (and because I'm seeing a shadow in my right eye) he dilated my pupils ... again!!  And after searing my retina with the exceedingly bright light he told me there is absolutely nothing wrong with my eyes ... in fact they look better than they did a few years ago ... when I wasn't seeing a shadow.  In fact there is nothing to explain or indicate that I'm even seeing a shadow. 

So does this mean I'm just going nuts??

Never mind - don't answer that.

I haven't done any writing (other than blogging) lately and my imagination is getting a little itchy.  How do you scratch your imagination?  O.o  I just haven't felt motivated by the recent Faith Writers topics, but my excess verbiage pressure is building and the emergency release valve is eventually cause me to spew bountiful bits of bloviation on unsuspecting readers ... I just hope it doesn't cause any permanent damage when it eventually blows.


  1. Showing improvement is always a good thing! Maybe your writing muse is gearing up for that novel you've been putting on the back burner for far too long! It could happen!

  2. hmmm, be careful about pushing to your max heart rate very often. Great job on the run, though! woot!

  3. Sounds like you're doing great on the runs! :) As for the writing - you described the percolation pretty perfectly. :) (maybe 'p' words will kick-start your imaginative juices)