Monday, February 14, 2011

The workout that tried not to be

Just popping in for a quick note - my Ambien is already kicking in, so if I start to sound all gibberishy you'll know why.

Yesterday - nothing specific to training, but my legs felt great and I had energy enough to get a couple of small projects completed around the house.

Today I had no intentions on running hills in the wind - my back up plan was to ride my spin bike.  I got to the garage and find that everything that could be adjusted on the bike had been adjusted ... kind of got it straightened out and discovered that the pedals were filled with the debris so my shoes wouldn't clip in ... but that was an easy fix and before you know it I was riding.  A little ABBA, some Neil Diamond, a little George Harrison and I was really starting to feel good.  I took a drink of water and my apparently super long finger snagged the wire to the mp3 player and it shot across the garage.

The garage ate my mp3 player!!

I won't bore you with elaborated, dragged out descriptions of me and Pam crawling on the floor looking under and around any logical place the device could have reasonably landed.  Well, it turns out that it flew back and smacked a tripod leg which was behind and to the right of the bike.  From there it ricocheted and made virtually a 180 turn and landed between a box and a table on its side, after it passed over a small bag of stuff.  I probably couldn't slide the stupid thing such a tight area from 6 inches away but I managed to fling a bank shot perfectly into place.

I've also learned that hummus is dangerous.  If you eat too much after eating curry chicken or a salad with lots of jalapenos you will find out exactly how much your intestines are capable of holding.  I personally think they should call the stuff Hummers because it just seems to plow through your intestines despite what you may have eaten earlier.

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