Saturday, February 12, 2011

If you can't say something nice ...

...write a blog entry

Training stats:

Pretty much every day was some form of modified, substandard, less than adequate  ... insert appropriate expletive ... due to a solid week of Santa Ana winds.  These lovely winds ran me through the entire range of emotions from horrible headaches to nausea to insane brain fog.

OK, I know those weren't emotions, but I also felt disappointment, frustration and irritation both with the weather and myself.  And for the record, I did do some training, but not enough to warrant mentioning in a training blog.

Today was Long Slow Distance day - 10k 1.5:1 (mostly ... although we reverted back to 1:1 uphill and toward the end).  Total distance was over 10k, but the actual "running" distance is a difficult to estimate because of either a gps glitch or my pudgy fingers hitting a wrong button or me possibly having a blond moment ... don't know.  According to a couple different mapping sites with the warm up and cool down we covered about 10.6k.  Because of a sinus malfunction caused by the afore mention winds stirring up again, we cut the run aspect of the trip short by about .5k and we had about .5k warm up which means we should have registered 9.6k ... but my gps said 9.4 on one screen and 9.2 on another ... whatever - it was the best run yet - the most consistent pace even uphills.  Best guess is we averaged just under 12 min miles, but I won know for sure until until I transmit the info from my gps to my computer.


Ummm ... Not much.  The wid really saps all my energy so both work and home life were more lethargic than usual.  Friday I was in a horrible brain fog all day.  I left work early, did a little shopping for necessities (jalapeno string cheese) and went home to take a 2+hour nap.

Today Pam and I went to Tri Running (my new favorite store in the whole world which opened in town a month ago and we just happened to stumble across it last week) to buy some socks (my new favorite socks in the whole world ... both moisture wicking and very comfortable) and some orange flavored Sport Beans (my new favorite snack in the whole world for running).  Then we both got pedicures (at my new favorite nail spa in the whole world) - the massage portion of the pedi felt soooo good. 

So in the end I guess I did have something nice to say - today was pretty good.  And it was very nice to go to 2 different businesses where they remembered my name, asked how I was and made me feel welcome - I think they used to call it customer service, but I'll have to check the history books to make sure. 

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