Monday, September 5, 2011

An update on my knee

So I had a nice day off from work ... relaxed, had a nice dinner with Pam and Timmy, took a few pictures ... but ... there's always a but ...

In the mail was my referral to the orthopedic surgeon.  Strange ... I knew it was coming ... I knew I would eventually see the specialist ... but when I saw the paper in my hand with the description of the injury it was like being hit with a brick.

Then I made the mistake of checking out the injury online ... I don't just have a little tear of the meniscus, I have a "bucket handle" tear ... a large traumatic tear around the edge of the cartilage causing the rest of the meniscus to bunch up into the joint.


It is a heck of a reality check ... I messed myself up pretty good this time.  Funny thing is the articles I read said it tends to be suffered by young people who don't have excessive wear to the knee joint.

I do want to get this over with quickly.  The pain is getting worse every day and I'm getting to the point where there is no comfortable position even if I'm lying down.  I haven't iced it today.  Icing it reduces the inflammation and lets me move it a bit more, but it hurts a lot while I'm icing.

I guess the silver lining is I'll have a few days off work so I can take a lot of photos ... or maybe learn to make fractal art.

Hey wait!!

Maybe the surgeon will give me some images from inside my knee!! 

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