Thursday, June 9, 2011

A quick update

As of Sunday evening I had sworn off running, walking or any form of physical movement except what may be necessary to get myself to the bathroom and back to bed ... and maybe certain chewing motions for some of my favorite foods.  Monday morning was pretty miserable ... My legs were still sore, my toes were a deeper shade of purple and the tops of my feet were now hurting.

Tuesday morning brought some relief from the the stiff and sore legs, but my feet were actually worse.  I wasn't sure if I should go bowling, but I decided to give it a try ... definitely a test of mental stamina.  I was starting to get concerned about my feet because the purpleness of one of my toes was spreading toward my foot and not getting better ... I didn't think I broke anything, but I wasn't sure how normal it was.

This morning my legs are much better.  My knees are actually less sore than they were prior to Sunday, but my feet are still puffy, purple and painful.  I went to see the doctor just to be on the safe side.  The official diagnosis:

I have funky feet.

This does not do my psyche any good.  In the last month I've been told my knees hurt because I'm getting old and my feet hurt because my feet are funky.  We actually did have a very good discussion on training, triathlon , shoes and a few other issues ... but it was all after the "Flintstones feet" comment (yes he actually said that).

Basically I'm supposed to watch my toes continue to change colors, watch my toenails fall off, take ibuprofen and ice my feet for the swelling and pain.

Meanwhile I'm looking at ways to continue training ... better or less stressful methods of building my cardio base and increasing my endurance ... something that will be effective while protecting my knees and feet to some degree.  If I can get into a an intense training routine and get some quality shoes for my poor worn-out feet then maybe, just maybe June 3, 2012 could be my first successful marathon.

I guess I can't just give up on my marathon and ironman dreams :-\

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