Monday, December 13, 2010

Am I allowed to say ...

I kind of impressed myself today

Training Stats:

Stepper - 30 min.  20 min level 3, 10 min level 2 ... and I still had gas in the tank ... and my legs still felt fresh ... and I left a huge puddle on the floor.

Treadmill - 30 min.  Easy 25 min at 3.2 mph on 1.5 elevation, 5 min 3.0 mph at 1.o elevation.  I will not run on the treadmill - feel way too awkward.

I really feel like I have a training plan that is coming together - I feel as though the goals in the countdown clocks above might actually be attainable.  My cardio is coming surprisingly well for the number of months away from anything more physical than flipping a burger on the grill.

The official training calendar starts in January, but the preparations are going smoothly.  I have plenty of training clothes, 3 pair of shoes available for walking and running, I'm doing core work virtually every day, I have equipment to work my upper body at home - and I have several lower body exercises I can do at home
Non-training stuff

So I spent the bulk of last night with a tube stuck to my face and an F-4 tornado blowing up my nose - probably better known as a CPAP titration.  Surprisingly it was not horribly uncomfortable ... just a tad bit strange.  Thanks to the Ambien I got a few hours of sleep, but after I woke up at 2:30 or so I found the wires, tube and wind to be a bit distracting.

If I can survive this week I can focus on training new drivers for a little while ... and we should be getting a couple of drivers back by the end of the week.  Hopefully the new year will bring slightly less work stress ... that way I can worry about the stresses at home.


  1. Okaaaayyy. Did I miss something? "preparations"? for what??

  2. So preparations was the wrong word ... I should have said field tests ... trials to see where I stand. Preparations was meant to imply that I am gathering all the necessary resources - equipment, data and so forth ... I should try and not blog when I'm tired :-/

  3. hey! you can use whatever words ya want, Bus. It's YOUR blog! I just didn't want to think I'd missed some grand proclamation. :)