Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A bit of a lazy day

OK, really ... if today was a bit lazy I'll need to be comatose to get any rest.  I should've specified it was a bit lazy as far as training goes ... Just a few short walks and some core and upper body work at home.

Really a pretty good day, but just a tad bit hectic for my taste.  The stress level within the company is really getting unbearable.  It makes it difficult to concentrate on anything else when work issues, or any issues start swirling through my head. 

So I leave the stress of work and where do I go? ... The post office!!  Yes, that's so much less stressful than work!!  And where did I go after that?? ... Costco - holy cow, what was I thinking??  Maybe I was just want to see how high I can get my blood pressure.

Tomorrow will definitely be better.

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