Friday, December 3, 2010

Feeling a bit better

4 days of no training, lots of sleeping and eating mainly things that would never make anybody's top 1000 diet foods and I'm feeling quite a bit better.  I figure if I get a good night sleep tonight and give myself a good stem cleaning tomorrow and I'll be good to go.

A lot of the stress from work seemed to roll back today - finally some good news.  Went to the doctor with Pam to find out what I already figured - I have a cold.  It is better to be safe, and the best part is I got to spend the afternoon with my sweetheart :-)  Nothing like playing hookie from work with the boss' permission - eliminates the guilt factor of playing hookie when the boss doesn't know.

LSD scheduled for tomorrow (Long Slow Distance) ... I'm really good at the slow part.  I will probably stick with walking, but I'll wear my new shoes to see how my feet feel after some distance in them.

I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear, I was a little worried when you said you had LSD scheduled for tomorrow. Heeheehee. And yay for good news!